Time for Change Foundation

Time for Change Foundation

Category: Women's Health
Phone Number:  (909) 886-2994 Website Address:   https://www.timeforchangefoundation.org/

Organization Background
Since 2002 Time for Change Foundation (TFCF) has been dedicated to helping homeless women and children achieve self-sufficiency by using an array of evidenced-based practices coupled with a strength-based approach to address their needs. They assist families and individuals with the skills necessary to recover from the effects of homelessness, addiction, incarceration, mental and physical abuse.

Housing status is a powerful indicator of overall health status. TFCF operates two emergency shelters, 13 units of permanent supportive housing, and a 7-unit affordable housing building. Supportive services include strength-based case management, drug and alcohol counseling, transportation, life skills education, parenting education, financial education and money management, healthcare access, family reunification, leadership development, employment training, and childcare assistance.

Through the Housing and Supportive Services Program TFCF provides families with rental payment assistance enabling families to keep their homes, stay together, and more women and children are prevented from becoming homeless. Families in need of rental payment assistance are assessed, supported through a 3-6 months stabilization/ self-sufficiency plan, and connected to mainstream services.

Women also experience leadership development and are empowered to be the change they want to be. They learn leadership skills that allow them to take control over their lives as well as at their workplaces, neighborhoods and communities.


Year Amount Purpose
2020 $27,500 General operating support to provide relief during COVID-19.
2019 $30,000 The Time for Change Foundation received $30,000 for continued support of Housing and Supportive Services for 50 homeless families and to transition 25 individuals/families into Permanent Housing. 
2018 $25,000 The Time for Change Foundation received a $25,000 grant for continued support of Housing and Supportive Services to 50 homeless families and eliminate housing insecurity to 35 individuals/families by providing Homeless Prevention Assistance. 
2017 $20,000 The $20,000 Valenzuela Foundation grant went towards providing housing and supportive services to 25 homeless families, as well as eliminating housing insecurity for 15 families by providing Homeless Prevention Assistance.