Marisol Quintana

Marisol Quintana joined the board of the Valenzuela Foundation in March 2018. Learning about the goals of the foundation inspired her to be part of “this wonderful team.”

Marisol is from Chile, graduated from the Universidad de Chile in 1969, and became an Occupational Therapist. In 1976, Ms. Quintana and her husband received refugee status in the United States after the 1973 coup d’état in her homeland.

Ms. Quintana has worked as an occupational therapist in the US for 43 years. She received her master’s degree with a focus on Gerontology from UCLA in 1997. She has treated hundreds of patients with all types of ailments and works to facilitate their prompt recovery in order that they can return quickly to their daily activities.

Ms. Quintana has lived in the Inland Empire since the early 2000s and served the very most in need in the San Bernardino area as a Home Health specialist. She cherishes her professional experience, as it has deepened her “sensitivity and empathy to the pain of others.”