Reach Out

Students from Rancho Cucamonga High School at Health Sciences Day (location: Western University).
Health Sciences day is a day long seminar where local high school students explore different careers in the health sciences such
as Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Osteopathic Med.

JUMP Club students at the 2019 JUMP Spring Celebration.
The students are competing in an athletic taping competition and will have their final work judged by an athletic trainer.

JUMP Club students at the 2019 JUMP Spring celebration. JUMP stands for Junior Upcoming Medical Professionals and include
7th and 8th graders.

Photo taken at Reach Out’s 2019 Health Professions Conference. This is typically the first professional conference that
the students will attend; therefore, they arrive dressed professionally and ready to attend 3 professionals workshop sessions.

Physician Assistant from San Antonio Regional Medical Center speaks about her career as a PA to local junior high
students. The students in this photo are part of the JUMP Club program that aims to prepare middle school students with the
knowledge needed to pursue a career in healthcare.

Site visit to Ben Clark Training Center – EMT and paramedic students demonstrate how to properly give CPR to an adult
patient. The school visiting is Eleanor Roosevelt High (CNUSD).

Site visit to Ben Clark Training Facility. EMT students show CNUSD high school students essential lifesaving skills.

BVROP students learn how to administer an ultrasound from WesternU College of Osteopathic Medicine students
during the BVROP HPC (2019)

Cajon High School’s 2019 graduating class of MIND Program students. Note: 18/20 students went on to pursue a
college degree in the social sciences field.

CNUSD (Eleanor Roosevelt High School) LIFE Intern graduates from the 2018-2019 school year celebrate their success
at a banquet organized by the IHPC.

CNUSD LIFE intern graduates from 2019. Orange is Eleanor Roosevelt High and the red is Corona High. The LIFE
internship includes a competitive application process and is a 40-hour internship where local juniors and seniors work alongside
medical professionals.

Students from BVROP learn how to perform a an ultrasound from osteopathic medical students during Health
Sciences Day at WesternU (2019). They also had the opportunity to use the tools and practice on current osteopathic medical